Because "assumption is the mother of all f **** - ups".

Assumptions, we use them all. An assumption is an assumption of reality. It helps us to make the world around us clear and to understand it faster.

The disadvantage is that it is a quick and coarse assessment method, which means that it is often incorrect. The NewITera IT assessment program helps you to measure and understand which pain points can be tackled immediately and what possibilities there are to achieve direct optimization in your processes.

Identify the most important stakeholders within your organization and create an "organization catalog" in which important details about priorities, current initiatives and important performance indicators are established to identify themes and build trust. This allows you to create the ability to address business needs from an IT perspective.

PMO Assessment

Optimize your project portfolio processes and resource utilization!

We help you gain insight into current strengths and weaknesses followed by an in-depth analysis resulting in a customized roadmap of practical and prioritized improvement actions to optimize your PPM organization.

These improvement actions are adjusted to organizational objectives and will thereby make optimum use of the available resource capacity.

Core IT Process Assessment

Our assessment, starting with a survey, will measure, map and prioritize the most critical IT functions and/ or processes of your organization as well as current effectiveness, organizational interests and ownership. Receive and analyze the evaluations of process owners and teams on the current maturity of the linked IT processes and together create a plan for future improvements.

Reporting & Analytics Scorecard

Assess the satisfaction of the business managers in relation to Reporting & Analytics!

The IT department often lacks in-depth insight into the business needs of Reporting & Analytics. Ensure optimization and provide business game-changing insights.

Data Quality Scorecard

Identifies and addresses the needs of your company for optimum data quality.

As an IT department, guarantee that business stakeholders can make decisions based on information from high-quality data files.

newITera Assessment Program