Because nobody wants to be checkmate.

A successful and balanced IT strategy is the way to success. The dot on the horizon is important especially when you are overtaken on all sides by short-cycle IT processes that "just came passing by" ...


In the first 100 days as an IT manager or CIO you are often confronted with multiple information flows that are fighting for your attention. Use these first or now adjusted impressions and experiences and discuss them with your stakeholders so you can create a plan. This plan will manage the complexity of responsibilities in advance, which means that organizational and business needs can be dealt with immediately. A shared vision has been created that ensures your IT success in the long term.

All eyes on you.

The size of the IT question can often lead to paralysis in your analysis capacity and your creative approach. As a result, you as IT (end) responsible are not optimally able to deliver the results that are expected of you.

All eyes are on you until the moment when the promised added value will finally be delivered. Without early visible added value you run the risk of losing the trust of your stakeholders as an IT manager.

One thing is certain: The overall success of an IT department depends on the power of the underlying core processes. Improving your processes means that you spend less time fighting fires and spend more time delivering high added value.

No assumptions ... because measuring is knowing

Start measuring now!

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