Because choosing a right strategy, could also mean knowing what not to do.

The cloud playing field is easiest to capture in a triangle matrix that moves dynamically from each other.

Based on the three main characteristics identified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology we will gladly take you on the basis of this matrix.

The characteristics:

  • On-demand self-service: the ability to access capacity directly without interaction with the supplier;
  • Broad network access:¬†all services that can be delivered via the network;
  • Resource pooling:¬†multi-tenant based on a shared environment;
  • Rapid elasticity:¬†the ability to scale up or down capacity where necessary;
  • Measured service:¬†transparent measurement of the cloud performance.

The characteristics describe the most important characteristics that can be used within the cloud.

Service models are the variants on the basis of which you can purchase cloud services.

The service models:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS):¬†all, even the smallest configuration (adjustment), is performed by the supplier;
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS):¬†as a customer you build your own application, using tools made available by the supplier;
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS):¬†As a customer you have influence on / manage the Operating System, Storage and the application.

The delivery:

  • Public cloud:¬†accessible to everyone via the internet, by definition an environment with multiple tenants;
  • Private cloud:¬†designed for one organization with multiple units / organizational components;
  • Hybrid cloud:¬†two or more connected cloud types where the data is interchangeable;
  • Community cloud:¬†designed for a specific group of organizations.

By delivery we mean the technical variants on which the "cloud" can be hosted. In short, finding your right cloud solution.

In short? Finding your custom made cloud solution.
That is what we do. That is what we stand for.

How we do this?

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