Because there is more than a first impression.

The cliché that it takes years to build a good reputation is true. Unfortunately, this reputation can be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

Omni-channel communicate with your customers. They assist in every step of their experience with your organization. Clear, effective and effective. That is what CRM 2.0 stands for. Creating a customer experience that is being talked about. Positive or that is what we stand for at newITera.

Create a customer experience that feels like a good tailor-made suit. Personalized based on customer requirements and combined with the standards and values of your organization. Company marketing as a vision instead of a cheap sales pitch. Create added value that makes a long-term relationship a matter of course. Does that sound too good to be true?

Customized customer experience

You must now enable your organization to offer this “customized customer experience” more than ever. Current customer expectations can be summarized in five main groups:

  1. High personalization;
  2. Continuous contact;
  3. More product options;
  4. Listen carefully, ask further and answer quickly;
  5. Give the front liners more control.

Is jouw bedrijf voldoende uitgerust om aan deze hoge klantverwachting te voldoen? newITera helpt je graag hiervoor de juiste strategie te ontwikkelen en te implementeren.

Let technology support the Customer Journey

Many organizations struggle with creating an integrated, successful technology strategy for Customer Experience Management (CXM).

IT managers want a proactive, progressive approach in developing a strong portfolio of applications for customer interaction. The challenge here is that the needs of marketing, sales and customer service integrate with the wishes of your customer.

If you are developing a technological strategy for CXM, do not only pay attention to the beaten track but look at it in a broader way. Make use of the possibilities that Customer Intelligence has to offer. Among other things, chatbot big-data and at a later stage data-lakes and data-science are the future. With this you can optimally support the CXM processes in the long (er) term.

Build an integrated CXM technology roadmap that increases revenue and rationalizes application spending. This with the aim of a flawless coherence of CXM applications via enterprise-integration.

Jump over your shadow

The IT department will have to jump over its own shadow to be seen as an innovator by the business. For this, the IT department must take a leading role in building a rationalized and integrated CXM application portfolio. NewITera is the right partner for these and in addition to Industry 4.0 themes.

"Surprise your customer"

80 percent of CEOs believe that they offer a superior customer experience; but only eight percent of customers agree. It is time to close this gap.


Create a connected customer journey based on empathy and trust with SAP C / 4HANA. A suite with five leading portfolios of (cloud) solutions.

Help your company innovate, integrate and become more flexible with SAP C / 4HANA Foundation.

With this platform SAP offers the solution to tackle the challenges surrounding your customer data and thereby increase the customer experience. The purpose of this is to provide customers with the best service.

We are happy to help you discuss the application of SAP C / 4HANA for your company and to place it in the larger context of a successful technological strategy for Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Customer experience 2.0?


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