Because stagnation means decline.

Our development consultants are your driving instructor, your coach and your conscience in one. With a project-based roadmap they take you by the hand and guide you through the (SAP) landscape.

After their analysis and inventory, they can validate all custom ABAP code and see if it is suitable for a migration to S / 4HANA. They also immediately draw up an action list with points for attention if you indeed want to migrate your existing custom work. This includes the use of tables that no longer exist in S / 4HANA, incorrectly typed variables, forgetting the Order By in a select statement and more. Much more. Mendix? Low coding? No problem! We also cover that as a certified partner of Mendix.

How much is your customizing worth?

Your data lasts longer than the systems in which you store your information. 2025 is approaching rapidly and therefore also the developments and changes that SAP will implement when switching to the S / 4HANA platform. This will affect your organization sooner or later, but what does this mean for the current system landscape? How do you safely migrate all your data and existing customization safely to HANA?

“Keep the core clean”

As newITera we advise you, if you are considering migrating from SAP ECC to S / 4HANA, to analyze your customization. Why is your custom built and what functions does it support? Older customization is often no longer used.

Low coding, no coding?

The acquisition and processing of data via mobile applications is becoming increasingly important. newITera develops apps that help you run your business efficiently. With the help of Mendix we can easily come up with technical solutions and develop apps, both stand-alone and on-top or SAP. With API management we ensure streamlined access to your data between your core and the various applications.

Customizing & S4HANA

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