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The customer expects you, as a producer, that your products are delivered on time, with the right quality and quantity at the right price. If this does not happen, you have lost the customer and the risk of a negative image in the market is lurking.

newITera beseft als geen ander dat het implementeren of optimaliseren van het EAM proces een vakgebied is waar bovenal de identiteit/status van de klant leidend is voor de mogelijke aanpak. De volwassenheid van je organisatie is bepalend voor de volgende stappen en integrale aanpak.

Your most important asset

In current times of economic boom, a high degree of availability is conditional. Even higher demands are made on availability, volume and quality of the machinery. An ambitious goal.

Also applies here; prevention is better than cure. Any unplanned outages must be prevented and the number of planned stops must be kept as low as possible. The challenge is to have the producing machine park produce on a cost efficient basis, with a high availability and volume capacity as well as with a high quality.

Strive for operational excellence

Producers working on an operational excellence program are better placed to achieve goals and create a competitive advantage over their competitors. They have a comprehensive understanding of and retain the potential of your assets. Now and in the future. This means that future investments in the machinery are clear well in advance and ensure that unpleasant and unannounced investments are not made.

Preventive vs reactive

Another striking example of operational excellence is the design of preventive maintenance programs for the previously identified critical assets. As a producer today, it is no longer sufficient simply to perform malfunction maintenance.

The costs of preventive maintenance programs are relatively high and as a producer you are structurally looking for ways to keep these costs as low as possible. This is done, among other things, through the continuous process of optimizing the maintenance programs. This is done on the basis of own knowledge, but also knowledge that is shared with equipment manufacturers and other users through the use of "Intelligence Asset Network" systems.

One step further is to determine the overall condition of an asset or possibly an upcoming failure by means of conditional and predicative maintenance and tailor-made maintenance can be carried out.

Contract management

The availability of in-house engineers with specialist knowledge of increasingly complex assets has been declining for years. Producers are forced to engage suppliers who can supplement the missing capacity and have the appropriate specialist knowledge. Contract management within the maintenance process to keep an eye on the costs associated with hiring these suppliers is therefore becoming increasingly important

Equal to 5th gear in one step? Forget it! NewITera helps you to start on a small scale using the latest technologies and insights. This can then be expanded more quickly by the use of sensors, IoT, data lakes, data science, mobile apps,  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  of andere onderdelen binnen Industry 4.0.

NewITera helpt je middels assesments inzicht te geven in wat er moet gebeuren om de door jou als klant gewenste doelstellingen te bereiken.  We leveren een evaluatie, strategie en een plan van aanpak op basis van de huidige situatie.

newITera, because preventing is better than curing.
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