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If you are considering migrating from SAP ECC to S/4HANA, let us first analyze your customizing. What customization do you have now? Which functions do these customized solutions support? Does it still meet all your requirements and wishes?

With a HANA migration it ais all about asking the right questions.

Do you set different requirements for your custom work than before? This is the moment to think carefully about this and to be well informed. What functionalities does S / 4HANA have? Which parts of your customization are you going to migrate? For which parts do you need additional customization?

Questions, questions, questions. We know. However, it does not stop there. Based on your answers and our analysis, our SAP developers create the best solutions. This way your critical processes are efficiently set up with the right functionalities. You then perform optimally with a precisely designed system.

Fasten your seatbelts

Fasten your seat belts. Your SAP journey starts now. newITera helps you to create and optimize your existing SAP ECC customization 100% S / 4HANA-proof. So that your customized work, built around the (unique) processes of your organization, performs optimally. And so that users can continue to perform their tasks well - and often better - while they use the advanced SAP S / 4HANA technology.


Our SAP Development consultants are your driving instructor, your coach and your SAP conscience in one. With a project-based roadmap they take you by the hand and guide you through your SAP customization. After their analysis and inventory, they can validate all customization and see if it is suitable for a migration to S / 4HANA. They also immediately draw up an action list with points for attention if you indeed want to migrate your existing custom work. This includes the use of tables that no longer exist in S / 4HANA, incorrectly typed variables, forgetting the Order By in a select statement and more. Much more.

With this method you will soon have your SAP customized objects / portfolio fully and timely assessed and rationalized. You also have a clear overview of your migration strategy and accompanying roadmap.

Does nobody care for your customizing?

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