Predict your own revolution.

Industry 4.0 is the term given to the phase of the fourth industrial revolution currently underway.

What it comes down to in Industry 4.0 (a short history lesson), is that production processes will change drastically. Production lines become more and more self-regulating, because machines communicate independently, identify potential problems, communicate or even solve them. 

Analyze the past and learn to predict the future. 

Without staring into a glass sphere or laying cards, but with a smart and efficient IT structure that enables thorough collection, analysis and interpretation of data. 

Various systems are integrated with each other. Consider: data integration, the Internet of Things, working in the cloud and the like. This far-reaching integration makes it possible for your machinery to self-regulate, allowing devices to independently communicate with each other, to observe problems and even to solve or prevent them. This makes your production process much more efficient. 

Industry 4.0 will drastically change the way goods are produced and organizations are set up.

Mark our words.

As described above, all components must work seamlessly together to make Industry 4.0 possible.

  • collecting heterogeneous data;
  • cleaning, enriching and storing this data;
  • giving meaning to these data;
  • using data to generate insights and train models;
  • using the models to control machines.

newITera is klaar voor de toekomst. Hoe ver ben jij?