The right people in the right place at the right time.

Structural changes within an organization are often radical and demand a lot from your employees and management.

It is not self-evident that the organization has all the required knowledge, know-how, manpower and insights for a change in-house. An experienced interim manager can be temporarily added to the organization during a transition phase, crisis situation or change process to guide it before, during and after that process. NewITera has interim managers available for the most diverse assignments, from a business and / or IT perspective. Whether it is about change management, supervising a project or temporarily replacing a permanent employee, our decisive and dedicated professionals are happy to help you. Together we ensure that this temporary leadership has a positive effect on the situation and the organization.

Our flexible and solution-oriented interim managers can work with virtually all interim work at management and project level. They have leadership, charisma, decisiveness and creativity. In addition, they are analytically strong and always keep their sights on the ultimate goal.

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