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The demand for applications is still increasing. Instead of expanding an existing ERP system or purchasing new software, solutions are increasingly opting for that can deliver much added value in a short time.

Mendix is the ideal platform for this, whereby visual modeling instead of coding can be used to realize a time-to-market that in many cases is up to 6 times faster than with conventional development techniques.


It is becoming increasingly important for companies to distinguish themselves in an ever-changing market. Being able to respond quickly and change with others is also a must in application development. A Low-code platform such as Mendix ensures that that speed can also be achieved.

Not only through visual modeling instead of traditional coding, but also through the way that business and IT can work together. Non-developers can also contribute to the final app via the no-code section of the Mendix platform. This more efficient collaboration benefits both the speed of development and the quality of the application.

Application options

The demand for custom applications is nowadays not only large but also very diverse. Not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of structure and application. They can be standalone apps, but also applications with integrations to other systems. This can be integrations with backend systems (eg SAP), but also app to app integrations in a complete Mendix application landscape.

The applications can be purely for internal use (for the employees themselves or to support business processes), but it can also be applications that are offered to others via an app store. It can be apps that also contain a front-end where the experience of the end user is paramount, but it can also be apps that function as a technical backend in a larger landscape. And then of course the choice to only develop apps for desktop use, or also for tablet and mobile phone users.

In short: plenty of choices and application possibilities, for which the Mendix platform does not turn its hand around and as a result of which the enthusiasm of our developers only increases.

Mendix on top of SAP

SAP and Mendix have had a Solution Extension partnership since 2017 whereby SAP indicates that the low-code development, as offered in the Mendix platform, is very suitable for customers who want to deliver applications faster. Since then many developments have taken place to enable the integration between Mendix applications and SAP to become increasingly easier and faster.

The digital core of SAP can easily be expanded with Mendix customized applications that integrate seamlessly with each other. This keeps the SAP core clean and therefore also the maintenance costs of your SAP system low. The big advantage that newITera offers you is that we are one of the few Mendix partners who, in addition to our Mendix expertise, also have a very long and broad SAP history.

newITera can advise you on the possibilities with regard to Mendix on top of SAP and we can build Mendix applications for you including the SAP integrations on the Mendix side, but we can also optimally set up your SAP Cloud platform for you and also for it ensure that the SAP data is accessed via Odata services on the SAP side. Mendix can then make use of this. Our expertise with regard to Mendix on top of SAP is therefore fully End-to-End and carried out by 100% Mendix and SAP certified consultants.


We develop our Mendix apps based on an Agile approach. This involves a brief cyclical approach and a delegate from the end-user organization (in the Product Owner role) is part of the Scrum Team, and therefore directly involved in the development of the application. This makes the lines between the end user organization and the developer of the app very short, which greatly benefits both the speed of development and the quality of the end product.

Wishes are prioritized and refined every time so that the team knows exactly what is being asked of each other and what needs to be built and tested. In this way, it becomes an iterative process in which a Minimal Viable Product grows into a user-friendly application with real business value.

How can we help you?

  • Advice regarding and building extensions on standard SAP ("Mendix on top of SAP")
  • Development of Mendix applications (desktop and / or mobile)
  • Developing a Mendix landscape based on microservices architecture
  • Proof of Concept to demonstrate both the power of the platform and the added value for your business case

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