Omdat je de wereld in een handpalm hebt.

Mobile applications are today the most important enablers for companies and can no longer be ignored in the IT landscape.

In the current era, users within and outside your organization expect to have mobile apps that perform well and are easy to use. In this way they always have access to the required data and functionality. A mobile application must have a slick User Interface and respond quickly. NewITera develops the most diverse apps for its customers. Whether they work in the painting industry, business services, secondment or in the animal feed industry.

"74% of all users expect the application to be user-friendly and refuse to wait longer than 5 seconds for it to start. ”

(Source: Akamai)

Do more with less

Are you looking for ways to help you focus on optimizing the operation, speed and tolerance of mobile apps? Do you have a good idea of the different optimization techniques that improve the performance of your entire mobile stack? With a very short time-to-market and at lower costs?

To do more with less, application developers need to know more than just coding the application. It is necessary to have a deeper understanding of the ecosystem that optimizes efficiently between networks, applications and the linked hardware.

newITera helps you with the optimization of your software and app development by asking the right questions and giving you well-founded feedback. That way we can further optimize the mobile software performance together. We prepare you and guide you through the ongoing evolution of mobile apps through monitoring and a comprehensive analysis of user patterns.

Mobile apps made with the user in mind

newITera developers develop software with a focus on the end user and on the business benefits. To be able to develop well-functioning apps, they must have extensive knowledge and experience. It is no longer just about the (ERP) application layer.

Understanding business processes and having knowledge of networks and infrastructure are essential to develop the right app for the target audience. In short-cycle processes, the development of an app is constantly coordinated with the end user.

Mobile apps, step into a new era.

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