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IT Services. We deliver that. Good and good, but that is not all. As a proud independent reseller, newITera offers solutions in the field of analytics, learning tools, data security and data migrations.


SAS is a top player in the field of Artificial Intelligence and next level analytics software. That is why we are proud that we are a reseller of this advanced analysis software that makes your organization as smart, fast and safe as it should be. And more. From Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to Internet of Things (IoT), data mining and text analysis.


Does your end user use your software applications correctly? Assima Vimago ensures that user errors are kept to a minimum.

Assima Vimago also helps you with the implementation of a new software system. Training and supervising staff costs a lot of time, energy and therefore money. You save on this with Assima's patented training method.

In an interactive training environment, employees are trained in the use of the software and associated processes. The end user can even be actively assisted in carrying out the same work in the "real" environment.

In addition, Assima ensures that the built-up training curriculum and the recording of customizing documentation become a piece of cake.

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Securing sensitive SAP data and systems. Generating reliable, anonymous and complete test data in ditto environments. Delivering audit reports in the field of data privacy (GDPR) and risk management, but also supervising the digital transformation of people management (HR). Just a small selection of the functionalities where EPI-USE Labs will save you a lot of time, effort and therefore money.

Just a small selection of the functionalities where EPI-USE Labs will save you a lot of time, effort and therefore money.

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The demand for applications is still increasing. Instead of expanding an existing ERP system or purchasing new software, solutions are increasingly opting for that can deliver much added value in a short time.

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The German Data Dobermann in the newITera portfolio. The originally German SAST finds vulnerabilities in your data systems, minimizes security errors and offers maximum protection at all levels against hackers and data theft, for example.

In addition, it ensures that your organization complies with all GDPR laws and regulations. SAST-GRC monitors your data like a doberman in a business park. SAST doesn't miss out, it raises the alarm in the event of incidents and performs real-time analyzes. This makes your data better protected than ever.

newITera is the proud exclusive reseller for SAST-GRC in the Benelux. We are happy to tell you why we choose SAST.

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