Because the entire armada must sail the right course.

For (complex) change processes, where several change processes are running simultaneously, a newITera program manager is a welcome (temporary) addition.

Create added value immediately.

Someone who delves into the organization and the projects and oversees the process as a whole in a short time. Someone who provides a fresh perspective and coherence between the projects, who monitors the progress accurately, always looks at the end goal with one eye and ensures that all end goals are achieved.

Listening is the beginning of understanding.

A newITera program manager listens, makes an inventory, asks the right questions, analyzes, plans and implements. He gives advice, solicited and unsolicited. Always with the aim of making the change process run as smoothly as possible and ultimately to increase efficiency within the organization.

We draw up a thorough (change) strategy. We ensure that the changes are broadly supported, so that they form a solid basis for the future of your organization and that the formulated goals are achieved.

Get with the program and stick to it

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